Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chapter 7 // My life is yours alone The only love I've ever known , That you will always be, My everything

*Note to Readers, this will be all in Devin's POV* 

I woke up that morning and seen the most beautiful woman ever. She is so gorgeous when she sleeps. I lost her once and I refuse to lose her again. She is amazing and probably the sweetest girl ever. I knew she was the one when we met in High School but now I have to earn back her trust. I tried to not wake her up, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back toward her.

"Morning baby." I said to her.

"Morning handsome." She said as I smiled.

"I tried not waking you up." I said as she kissed me.

"I know, we should since we are going to your practice." She said with that cute tone.

"Tonight I was thinking of taking you out to a nice dinner and maybe walk on the beach?" I asked.

"Ohh I would love that." She said kissing me.

"Good, so we need to get up if we are going to shower." I said pulling her up.

"Yes dear." She said.

We walked down together and headed for the kitchen for some morning coffee where Heidi and Ryane were already. 

"Good morning guys." Ryane said.

"Good morning Ryane and Heidi." We said as we grabbed some coffee and sat down.

"Do you guys want to get breakfast or lunch after practice?" I asked them.

"Sure. That would be a great change." They said in agreement.

"Ok we should get ready to go." Ryane said.

I grabbed LC and headed for the showers as we laughed. We headed into the bathroom as we both quickly hurried up before we were late. 

"Are we coming back here and packing a bag for later for me?" LC said as we got finished from our shower.

"Yes , we are going back to my house tonight after our date and beach." I said as she smiled.

We got out from showering as we both got dressed. 

Her outfit: 

"You look so hot." I said to her as I kissed her.

"Thank you so do you." She said hugging me.

She finished getting ready as she smiled at me. I love that smile, everything about her makes me happy. We got ready and headed out of the bathroom as we made our way downstairs where Ryane and Heidi were finishing up. 

Heidi's outfit: 

We headed out into Ryane's car as we made our way to the rink. 20 minutes later we pulled in the arena parking lot. Fans waited as We hopped out and headed to sign some autographs. Ryane and I headed back toward the girls as we walked in. LC and Heidi headed toward the stands as we headed into the locker room... We got changed and dressed for practice as we headed out onto the ice.

"So did LC break up with Logan?" Joe asked me.

"Yeah she found out he cheated on her with a girl in Mass so I comforted her and told her I would be here for her if she needs me." I said.

"Are you guys dating?" 

"Well we were boyfriend and girlfriend in High School for 4 years and I made the stupid choice to put my career ahead of her and she came to SJ the other day and my feelings came back. I kissed her and I know I shouldn't have kissed her, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't feelings left and apparently there was then the bad news came that Logan cheated on her." I said to him.

"Aww, well she looks happier than she did with Logan." Joe said.

"True. I want to make her happy as I can." I said.

"Well apparently you saved her from a big heartbreak, you two obviously meant to be together and trust me if the love is strong enough ,  set it free, if it comes back to you and apparently it has." He said as I nodded.

"If I wasn't such a jackass, she would have had so much trust in me, I know I have to get it back so tonight I am taking her on a date and I plan on giving her something and I know I still have to work on the trust." I said.

"Trust me, she will come around I promise that." He said.

"Thanks bro." I said.

"Come on boys lets do some drills!" Todd screamed. 

A few hours of hard drills and a whole lot of new lines working, we finished up and headed into the locker room. We got ready and showered as I got dressed as well as Ryane. We headed out of the locker room as LC smiled. 

"Hey gorgeous." I said.

"Hey beautiful." She said as I laughed.

"Did you have fun here at practice?" I asked.

"Yeah, seeing you getting all worked up and sweaty, it was a turn on." She said as she laughed.

"Ohhh baby." I said.

"Can't you two keep it in your pants for more than 5 minutes?" Ryane and Heidi asked.

"No." We said as we stuck our tongues out at them.

"Wow you two are just like each other. You two are one of a kind."  Heidi said as we laughed.

"Thank you." We said.

We headed toward a little cafe in the downtown area named Cafe San Jose. We arrived as we all got out and made our way into the cafe. 

"Hello how many?" The hostess asked.

"4 please." Ryane said.

"Ok right this way please." She said as she sat us in the booth.

"Thank you." We said.

"Your server will be right with you, enjoy your meals." She said.

"This is a nice place." LC said.

"I agree. They have the best food here." Heidi said.

The waitress came as we ordered our food. LC got the bacon cheeseburger and Heidi got the same thing. Heidi got eggs and bacon as Ryane got the same thing. The lady came back with our drinks as we sat there and talked about their plans for while we were gone. LC had school so Heidi would take her and pick her up. 

"So LC your birthday is coming up hunny." I said.

"Yep, two weeks from now." She said.

"The 4 of us will go out and have a special dinner for your birthday." Heidi said.

"OK." She said without putting up a fight.

She looked at us and knew we were up to something, but didn't question it. The food arrived as we ate our food. 

"These are so good." I said.

"How is yours LC?" Heidi asked.

"Amazing, one of the best burgers I have ever tasted. The onion bun is perfect taste to it." She said.

We all finished up as we headed out. LC paid for lunch as we thanked her. We headed back into the car as we headed home. We got there as we pulled in. I couldn't wait for her birthday, I was excited because I already know what I am getting her. We headed inside as we headed upstairs for some relaxation time as well as she packed a bag for tonight. 

"Are you packed for the night?" I asked her.

"Yes baby." She said hopping into the bed with me.

"Good, tonight is going to be so special." I said.

:::: Later that Evening :::: 

I had to come home and get ready while LC got ready there. I was excited to see her and how beautiful she will look. I had stopped off and got a piece of important jewelry for her and I really hope she loves it. I got ready and headed for the house. I got there as she came down the stairs looking more beautiful than ever.

Her dress: 

I looked at her as she smiled walking down the stairs.

"You look absolutely gorgeous." I said as I hugged her.

"Thank you baby, You look stunning in that outfit." She said as I kissed her.

"Are you ready to go my lady?" I asked.

"Yes I am." She said as she grabbed my arm as I escorted her out of the house like a real gentleman.

"Have fun you two!" Heidi and Ryane said as we smiled.

I helped her in as I got in as well. We headed to a nice place called "Ruth Chris's steakhouse." It was beautiful night out. We made it as we got out as the Valet service opened up the doors. We walked in and made inside. 

"Hello welcome to Ruth Chris's Steakhouse, how can we help you?" The lady said.

"We have a reservation for 7pm, its under Setoguchi?" I said.

"Ok sure right this way please." She said as she sat us in a booth.

"Thank you." We said as she smiled.

"Your welcome your server will be right with you." She said.

"Wow baby, this place looks so nice." LC said as I smiled.

"I love you, so this place was perfect." I said.

"I love you too." She said as I smiled.

The waitress came as we ordered drinks and our food. We sat there and smiled at each other as we began eating our salads and breads. A little bit later the food came as we dug in. This was a much needed date that was so overdue. 

"I am having fun baby." She said so cutely.

"Good I am glad. This was something we needed." I said to her as she smiled.

"Aww I agree. Sometimes you need a date to reconnect." She said.

We finished up dinner as I paid for it. We headed out and toward a walk on the beach. She climbed in the car as we parked the car at the beach parking. She took off her heels as we walked and talked on the beach.

"So I was meaning to give you something." I said to her.

"Really? You do so much for me, you really don't have to get me anything else." She said.

"Yes I do, but its because I love you and want the best things for you, plus you mean the world to me." I said as she looked at me.

I pulled out the box I had in my pocket as I opened it up to show her. Her eyes got wide as she put her hand on her mouth.

"I love it. Its so beautiful!" She said as she kissed me.

"Its a promise ring, from now on I never will leave you again, I will unconditionally love you and no matter what we fight about, I never will stop loving you." I said as she put it on.

Her Ring:

"Fits like a beautiful charm." She said as she cried.

"Baby don't cry." I said to her.

"Its perfect just like you are. I am so sorry I made you choose before. I never again will do that to you. I was selfish and idiotic." She said as she kissed me.

"Hunny, I was selfish for choosing my career first. I love you and never again will I make that mistake. You have no idea how much I was jealous of Logan the first day I saw you with him." I said.

"You have no idea how much I wanted to be with you when I saw you. I am sorry for acting that way." She said as she hugged me.

"I love you and never again will I ever let you go this time." I said as she looked in my eyes as the waves crashed into us.

I kissed her for a passionate kiss as we continued. We headed back to the car and headed out of the beach area so we can continue this kissing at home. We climbed in and headed back as we made it back to my place. 

"I think we need some Jacuzzi time." I said.

"Oh baby." She said grabbing my ass.

We headed into the house as I lit the candles everywhere outside. She got changed into her bathing suit as I put some music and wine out there. I decided to set the mood as I headed toward to change. Though with the way we were today I doubt our clothes would be on long.

Her Bathing Suit: 

I joined her in the hot tub as we both drank some wine. It was so romantic as the music played. I immediately put our glasses down as I kissed her so passionately. 

"This is so romantic baby. I love this whole thing, the Dinner, the walk on the beach. The ring and everything. This is the best day I have ever had besides our prom night, that was awesome." She said.

"I wanted this night to mean everything to you and I am so glad this was so special. You mean everything to me." I said as I kissed her again.

She ran out of the hot tub and dried off as she led me upstairs where we continued kissing. We brought it to the bedroom as she was aggressive. She threw me down on the bed as she got her bathing suit off as well as I did. We then found ourselves making passionate love. She got on top for a good hour as she grind on me. I flipped her over and kissed ever inch of her body as I got on top. This time she was able to scream loudly and as much as she wanted to. A good few hours passed as we took a rest for a while.

"Baby you make me happy. In more ways than you could ever imagined." She said as I laughed.

"You are so amazing. I am the luckiest guy on this planet. I love you so much." I said to her as she stayed in my arms.

"I love you, I seriously wasn't happy when you weren't in my life." She said.

"Now I am back baby and you are never getting rid of me."

"I don't want you to ever go away. You mean the world to me." She said as I kissed her.

"So I was thinking I have this whole place to myself, I was thinking you should move in." I asked.

"Baby, Yes I would love to. I love this house." She said as we smiled as I pulled her onto me.

We just laid there and kept each other comfortable. We got up as she put my t-shirt on and her undies on and headed downstairs to clean up the porch. We got it set as we felt a rain drop as we ran inside. We headed to the upstairs as it poured, gladly it waited till now to rain. We fixed up some snacks and drinks to bring up with us as we headed up to bed.

"Do you want the fireplace on?" I asked her.

"Yes please we can snuggle in bed." She said as I lit the fireplace.

She bent over to find a movie as I smacked her ass.

"Ow what the hell, your ass is in trouble for that." She said as I laughed.

"Ohhh I am sooo scared." I said as she laughed.

We climbed back into bed as we both cuddled. I love my life, she was in it and more importantly we were back together. She was my everything and more. I cant believe she said yes to moving in and this was a huge step to getting her back, but of course a roadtrip was coming up in a few days. As for Ryane and Heidi, they were gonna be shocked about what comes next in their marriage. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Chaper 6 // You shoulda never lied, shouldn't have kept that trick on the side

I opened up the door to find Logan, the one man I never wanted to see. I looked at him as Ryane and Devin immediately got behind me as well as Heidi.

"What do you want, you have some balls showing up here after yesterday." I said.

"Man if you don't get out of here, I will make sure you don't play hockey ever again." Devin said.

"I came here to get you back LC, I am sorry I cheated on you. I never realized I had a good thing until it was gone." Logan said.

"I am sorry, but that is a load of bullshit lies." I said.

"Please I am sorry, I have been traded and I miss you. " He said as I laughed at him.

"Yeah right, after yesterday you really think I would even take you back and because you think I feel sorry for you since you have been traded to another team?" I asked

"No I know you won't and there is no way I expect you too." He said.

I grabbed Devin and I kissed him passionately in front of Logan. I turned around and kicked Logan in the nuts, then punched him.

"I never want to see your stupid ass ever again, next time I hope you get so hard that you can't get up." I said as I walked in and shut the door.

I locked the door as I hugged Devin.

"That was awesome LC!" Ryane and Heidi said.

"Thanks, it helps that I took up kick boxing and ask Devin, no one fucked with me in High School." I said.

"She is not kidding. No one messed with her in High School and especially no one messed with me because she will kick a guys ass if she has to." Devin said as he kissed me.

"Love you too baby." I said.

"That is good, now we won't have to worry about her now." Ryane said as we laughed.

We smiled as we headed toward the kitchen. We finished eating our soup since we so kindly got interrupted by Logan. He had some nerve showing up. We headed upstairs for pregame nap as Heidi and Ryane shut the door to their bedroom, but I wasn't ready to sleep and neither was Devin.

"I love you so much. I am so glad you gave me another chance and this time I am not letting go." He said as he kissed every inch of my body.

"I love you Devin. If you win tonight you will get the special surprise." I said winking at him.

"Oh really? Is it only if we win?" He said.

"Well, if you win its a bonus, if you lose you get it anyways." I said laughing.

"You are so funny." He said as I smiled.

"We need to get you some sleep so you won't be tired for your game." I said as he smiled.

We relaxed as the rain continued. It was relaxing and definitely one of the most romantic days ever. We fell asleep for a good few hours. A while later it was time to get up and get ready. It was comforting having Devin here with me full time. We got up as Heidi and Ryane woke up too. Devin and I headed into the shower to save water while Ryane and Heidi went into theirs. We got undressed and headed into the shower. I turned Devin around and kissed him as the hot water beat on us. He lifted me up as my back was against the wall and it felt so good. With my legs wrapped around Devin, he just made me feel so good as he grind into me. I definitely wanted to scream, but I tried not to. We finished having some passionate sex, as we showered. We got out as I felt so happy.

"Your so beautiful." He said as he kissed me.

"You are so amazing. Just like I always knew." I said as we smiled.

"Your glowing." He said.

"So are you." I said as we both got dressed.

My outfit:

I blow dried my hair as he fixed his up. We got dressed as I got my makeup on as there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." I said

"Are you guys ready to go?" Ryane said.

"Yes we are." Devin said as we smiled.

We cleaned up and headed downstairs while Heidi got the lights on and everything.

Heidi 's outfit:

We hurried up and headed out as we got into the car. Ryane started it up as we headed toward the arena. 20 minutes later we pulled into the arena parking lot for the players. Fans stood outside waiting as he parked the car. We got out and headed for the inside.

"Good evening Ryane, Heidi and Devin." He said.

"Hey Jake, this is LC, she is Devin's girlfriend." Ryane said.

"Hey LC, nice to meet you." Jake said.

"Nice to meet you too."

"She gets full rights, no matter what here." Devin said.

"Yes sir, she is on the VIP list now." Jake said.

"Thank you." Ryane said.

"Have a good game guys and welcome to the Sharks family." Jake said.

"Thank you." We said as we entered.

"Here are your tickets my girls." Ryane said.

"Thank you Ryane." We said.

"This is your first Sharks game huh?" Heidi asked me as I nodded.

"Yep." I said.

"Well lets head to the store while the boys get dressed and ready." She said as I smiled.

"Lets go." I said as we headed to the team store.

We looked around in the store as we both smiled. I grabbed some sweats and some other items as we hung out for a while. It was my first time here at a Sharks arena as we paid for them. We made our way toward the food session stand as we got a few sodas and something quick to eat.

"These Nachos are very good." I said to her.

"I know I love them." She said as we snacked.

We made our way toward the seats as we sat down. It was awesome because it was where the wives and girlfriends sit to watch the game.

"Hey Nicole." Heidi said.

"Hey Heidi, how are you?" She said.

"Good thanks, this is LC, she is Devin's girlfriend and she lives with us. This is Nicole, Marc's girlfriend." Heidi said as I smiled.

"Its so nice to meet you finally." She said hugging me.

"Its so nice to meet you too." I said.

"Welcome to the sharks family. Its amazing, this team really is your family." She said as I smiled.

"I know, I felt that this afternoon." I said.

"She knows about Logan." Heidi said.

"I am so sorry for what Logan did." Nicole said.

"Thank you, unfortunately he showed up at the door this afternoon." I said.

"Are you serious? He has some nerve coming there." Nicole said.

"Yeah but LC kicked his butt, she punched him and kneed him in the safety deposit box." Heidi said as we laughed.

"Way to go LC!" She said as we laughed.

"We should have a girls day the three of us when the boys have to go on the road." Heidi said.

"Thats a good idea, I agree shopping is the best thing in the world." I said.

"Oh yeah, we can watch the game at my house or yours Heidi." Nicole said.

"That is an awesome idea." She said as we smiled.

The boys finally came out for warm ups. I was excited to get this game underway. They were playing the Chicago Blackhawks. Some Blackhawks fans made the trip, as the boys got warmed up. We sat there as the team announced the lineup for tonight. We hung out as the game finally started. A few hours later it was 5-0 Sharks, Hat Trick for Ryane , a goal by Devin and one by Dan Boyle. We had fun as it was coming to an end, I loved hanging out with my family and my new friend Nicole. We got up and headed out as we waited for the boys to come out from their post game interviews. I looked at the time as Marc came out first.

"Bye girls." Nicole said.

"Bye Nicole." We said.

"I am so glad your a part of this family, your awesome." Nicole said hugging me.

"Thank you for being so nice." I said as I smiled.

"Your welcome girl, see you soon." Nicole said as she smiled and waved.

She was so cute with Marc. She was gorgeous and Marc seemed to love her more than anything. I waited as Ryane and Devin came out. Devin lifted me and hugged me as I smiled so widely.

"Good game guys." I said as they smiled.,

"Thank you." They both said as we headed out.

"Ready to go home?" Ryane asked Heidi.

"Yes please, I am exhausted." She said.

"I met Nicole, Marc's girlfriend. She is so nice." I said as Devin grabbed my hand.

"Awww, I am glad you have a new friend. She loves Marc so much and he loves her so much." Ryane said as we smiled.

We got into the car as we stopped off for some pizza. I was tired and I wanted to give Devin some good time tonight. We headed to this little pizza place as we took it to go. We got a large pie with some mozzarella sticks. We headed home as we made it finally. We headed in and made our way to the kitchen. We sat down and ate as it was amazing.

"How is it?" Heidi asked.

"Amazing. I love this pizza." I said eating it.

We ate as the rain continued. I was tired of the rain already, but I know they only have practice tomorrow morning so we can hang out for the rest of the day together.

"So girls, would you like to come to practice in the morning?" Devin asked.

"Really?" Heidi asked.

"Yep." Ryane said as we nodded.

"Of course we would LOVE to go." I said to Devin as we smiled.

We finished up pizza and it was already 10:30 pm, I wanted to get to bed and relax with my man as well as Heidi and Ryane wanted to spend some time alone. I headed into the bedroom as we both got ready for bed. I changed my outfit into a cute t-shirt that I got from the Sharks from the sharks store. I looked at Devin as he stared at me and smiled.

"So handsome, come around here often?" I asked as he laughed.

"Maybe." He said as he kissed every inch of my body.

He lifted up my shirt and took it off as I jumped onto him. He put me down gently on the bed as I got his clothes off. We both started making passionate love as it felt so good for him touch me. He got on his back as I then sat on him as he put both arms around me. It was the first time I felt loved like this in a long time since the last time him and I made passionate sex. A few hours later we finished up.

"I love you good night baby." He said.

"I love you hunny. Good night." I said as he kissed me again.

What will the future hold in the next few months? We will find out soon enough.....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chapter 5 // Listen To Your Heart

I turned over that morning with Devin still in the bed with me. He didn't leave this time and I was excited. I looked at him and smiled as I got up without him waking up. I headed downstairs as I smiled.

"Morning LC." Heidi and Ryane said.

"Morning guys." I said.

"Feel better today?" She asked.

"Yep, Much much better." I said as I smiled.

"Would you like some pancakes?" Heidi asked.

"Sure, with some bacon please." I said.

"Ok coming right up." She said.

"Is Devin still sleeping?" Ryane asked.

"yep, does he have to get up?" I asked.

"Yeah he needs to get into the shower so we can go practice." He said.

"Ok while shes cooking that, I will go wake him up." I said.

"Ok." He said as I got up and headed upstairs.

I got up there and into my room as I woke him up. He got up and headed for the shower as I headed back downstairs. I sat down and ate my breakfast as Devin came down.

"Hey baby." He said as he hugged me.

"Hey babe how did you sleep?" I asked.

"Excellent that you were in my arms." He said as he kissed the top of my head.

I looked at him and smiled. I knew this was a good day to start off. It was chilly, but still rainy.. Devin ate breakfast as they got ready and headed out. I helped Heidi clean up.

"So you and Devin are back together huh?" She asked.

"Nope, not yet. We aren't rushing into this." I said.

"Aww, you two obviously love each other." She said.

"Yeah, we do. I just want to make sure I don't get my heart broken again." I said.

"You won't, he won't make the same mistake and letting you go again, obviously we can see it." She said as the doorbell rang.

"I wonder who could that be?" I asked as we headed toward the door to answer it.

"Excuse me, is there a Ms Benson living here?" The guy asked.

"I am Ms. Benson." I said.

"Here you go, if you would just sign here." He said.

"Thank you having a good day." I said as I looked at the Flowers.

Three Dozen roses as I looked at them and brought them into the house. Heidi closed the door as we both headed for the kitchen.

"Who are they from?" Heidi asked.

"I don't know, I am about to look for the card." I said.

"Oh here it is." Heidi said as I opened it up..

"I don't wanna feel the way that I do
I just wanna be right here with you
I don't wanna see, see us apart
I just wanna tell you straight from my heart
" I said.

"Awww, you two are so cute. He loves you and I think he wants you back permanently." She said as I laughed.

"I think so too, I need to call him for that." I said.

"Here is my phone." She said.

I called him and left a message while he was at morning skate. I put the flowers in my room and they are special to me. I hopped into the shower as we got ready for our spa appointments and my hair. . I got dressed as I decided to leave the makeup off,. I blow dried my hair so it wasn't wet.

My outfit:

I hurried downstairs as Heidi finished up and was ready to go as well..

Heidi 's outfit:

We got into the car as we headed for the spa. It was mostly cold and rainy so we took our time getting there. We got there as we hurried inside. First up was my hair which would take a while. I told her what I wanted so she nodded and started changing it. Heidi goes to Maria the hairstylist so why not.

My hair:

The hairdresser turned me around as I smiled. It was perfect, exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier.

"Thank you so much. I love it so much." I said.

"It looks soo beautiful on you. Its perfect." Maria said.

"Thank you so much Maria, LC you look gorgeous." Heidi said.

"Thank you Heidi, she is your hairdresser so I trust you." I said as she laughed.

We paid her as we headed out of toward the spa that was next door. We signed in as they told us to put a robe on and get undressed although I felt uncomfortable. They did our backs and legs as our arms as well. She cleaned out our faces from the makeup on as we finished up with everything. Next up was pedicures, we sat in the seat with our robes on just relaxing as they worked on our feet. I was more relaxed now, and I felt great. It was going to be a fresh new start. We finished up and headed back home, we were excited to see the boys of course.

"Ready to go?" I asked.

"Yep, thank you so much guys, have a good day." The lady said as we smiled.

"Have a good day, thank you." I said as we headed out of the spa place.

We headed home as we made it. We got out and I felt relaxed and great of course. Devin and Ryane weren't home yet and of course we decided to throw up some soup for everyone. They arrived home finally as they walked in. I ran to Devin and kissed him passionately as he picked me up.

"Thank you for the flowers." I said.

"Your welcome baby." He said as he put me down.

"I love your hair LC." Ryane said.

"I love it hunny." Devin said as I smiled.

"Thanks guys, new start for me." I said.

He handed my new phone as I smiled. He hugged me as we walked into the kitchen and grabbed the soup. As we then heard a knock at the door and I wondered who it was as I opened the door to find someone standing there..someone I never wanted to see again.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chapter 4 // Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats.

I looked at the pictures and thought this couldn't be real. I looked at the return envelope and thought this has to be Photoshop. I looked at the date on the picture and it was from his last trip to Massachusetts to the AHL which was a few weeks ago, and yes we were together. I ripped them up along with the other photos I have with him and of him.

"I am so sorry." Heidi said as she hugged me.

"I am glad you told me and instead of finding out before from the internet..." I said.

"I know,  I am so sorry, that he did this to you." Heidi said.

"Its all my fault, I am not even sure why it is, Why would he cheat on me?" I asked.

"Its not your fault, He is an ass and you didn't know he would cheat on you...He will realize you were the best thing in his life." Devin said hugging me.

"I think we need a girls day out for spa tomorrow, Pedicure's, Manicure's, Massages, everything while the boys are out at practice for morning skate and at night we will go see the game.." Heidi said.

"Ok, that would be good." I said.

"Are you OK?" She asked.

"I will be fine, I just want to lay down." I said.

"Ok, I will make the appointments for tomorrow, you don't have to worry about anything." She said as she hugged me and headed out of my room.

She shut the door as Devin and I laid down. He comforted me while I just laid there thinking about everything.

"Why did he have to hurt me?" I asked Devin.

"Well, he can't keep it in his pants for more than 5 minutes I am guessing. Men are pigs, trust me I would know." He said as I let out a small giggle.

"Stop trying to make me laugh." I said as he smiled.

"You can't resist my charm." He said.

"What Charm?" I asked as he cracked up laughing.

"My amazing irresistible charm." He said as I laughed sort of.

We relaxed on my bed as we listened to the rain fall. I was tired so I fell asleep with Devin holding me. He was being so sweet to me after the hell I just went through with Logan. A few hours later I got up and felt somewhat hungry.

"Hey did you have a good sleep?" Dev asked me.

"Yeah I did, I am hungry though." I said.

"Thats a good sign. Lets go down and get you something." He said.

"Ok." I said.

We walked down as I looked at Ryane and Heidi as they both hugged me.

"Are you hungry?" Ryane asked.

"Yes, a little." I said.

"Well we got fried chicken with mashed potatoes for you and some corn from KFC." Ryane said as I sat down and grabbed some food.

"Thank you ." I said as they joined me.

"Your welcome." Ryane said as I ate my dinner.

"So what do you want to do?" Heidi asked me.

"I just want to relax here and do nothing." I said finishing my dinner.

"I am really sorry that he did this to you. I am so pissed I want to kick his ass and I hope he never comes back here."  Devin said.

"Thank you Devin." I said as he smiled.

We finished up dinner and laid down in front of the fireplace. We put some movies on as Ryane put the fireplace on. I then took a picture of Devin and I as we thought to send it to Logan. Devin was really good about all this, maybe we never stopped loving each other in the end. We figured it would piss him off as Ryane took a picture of me and Devin kissing as we continued kissing passionately.

"Ready to send these to Logan?" Heidi said as I laughed.

"Yep, what goes around comes around." I said as we laughed.

Ryane sent the pics to Logan as we all smiled. We figured it was the best payback ever for what he did to me.

"So I decided I am dying my hair dark tomorrow. I think it would be a good change for me." I said as they smiled.

"Thats awesome! Fresh new start." Heidi said.

"Devin, would you be OK with that? If I dyed my hair darker?" I asked him.

"I would love you no matter what you look like. I met you when you had dark brown hair." He said as I smiled.

"Oh yeah, that is true." I said.

"How did you two officially meet besides being in school?" Ryane asked.

"I met him when I came out of the classroom and bumped into each other. I went on about my business after that and realized he was in my last two classes." I said

"Awww." They both said.

"I think its meant for you to be together. You guys may not see it now, but I think you guys are forever together." Heidi said.

"I agree, True love comes once, and that is yours." Ryane said.

"If you say so." I said as my phone started ringing.

"I think we need to get you a new phone number." Devin said.

"I agree." We said as we hung out.

I threw the phone in the fireplace as I smiled.

"While you girls get your spa appointments tomorrow Devin and I will go and get you a brand new phone." Ryane said.

"You guys are taking care of me, I can't ask you to do that." I said.

"Trust me, Devin is buying it." He said as we laughed.

"I will, do you want the new I-phone?" Devin asked.

"Yeah, that is what I have always wanted." I said.

"Good, I love making you happy." He said to me as I smiled.

A while later we headed back upstairs. I was tired still and of course from all the stuff happening today so I just wanted to hang with Devin. The rain came down harder and the storms grew louder. We set up candles so in case the power goes out. We kept the TV on as we warmed up. We made fun of everything that was on TV and it was so good to have Devin back in my life... He was the one person in my life who does love me for me...tomorrow was going to be a good day, spa , hair. It would be like old times when I first met Devin minus the heartbreak...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chapter 3 // Watch You Go

I got up with Logan as he kissed me good morning. I looked at him and hoped he didn't have to leave, but I know he did. He got up and headed for the shower as I turned over in bed. I got up as I grabbed my robe and my slippers as he finished up and got ready to head out.

"I have to go baby, I will call you tonight." He said as he kissed me.

"Ok baby, bye hunny." I said hugging him.

I walked down with him toward the front of the house as he kissed me again. I said goodbye as he got in the taxi cab and headed off. I walked back in the house as I walked into the kitchen with some coffee. I decided to make breakfast for Heidi and Ryane as they walked down.

"Morning guys." I said as they smiled.

"Morning LC, how did you sleep?"

"Very well thank you, I am making you guys some breakfast, what would you like?" I asked.

"Two eggs and Bacon please." She said.

"How would you like your eggs?" I asked.

"Scrambled, both of us." Ryane said as I laughed.

"Afraid I am going to burn down your kitchen?" I asked.

"Yeah sorta." Ryane said as we burst out laughing.

"I can cook thank you very much." I said to him as he laughed.

I cooked their breakfast as I made myself some. Ryane had morning practice this morning while Heidi was going to take me out getting my school stuff and some new clothes.

"This was excellent, perfect for my morning breakfast. Thank you LC." Ryane said.

"Yes thank you so much for cooking this morning LC, I loved the eggs, they were perfect." Heidi said.

"Your welcome, its the least I can do for everything you are doing for me." I said as I cleaned up.

"I will see you later guys, I need to get to practice. I love you Heidi, will check in with you later afterwards and have fun LC." He said.

"Bye hunny love you.." She said.

"Bye Ryane, have fun at practice this morning." I said as he laughed.

I headed for the showers as we both got ready. It was a rather cool and rainy day. I finished up and headed into the shower. I let the hot water beat down on me as I got out. I finished up and blow dried my hair as I thought about Devin. I don't know why I did that, but maybe I should talk to him after how we ended things last night. I finished up and headed out of the bathroom...

My outfit:

I walked down and found Heidi waiting as I finished up.

Heidi's outfit:

"Ready to go and get clothes and school shopping?" Heidi asked.

"Yeah lets go." I said.

We headed out and into her car as we had to stop at the school first to get some things signed first. We had a list of books I had to get and list of items I needed for the classes. We got there as we got out and headed for the administration offices, we got in and signed the necessary paperwork as we headed for the  bookstore as I paid for everything and headed for the computer store.

"Thank you for taking me everywhere today Heidi." I said.

"Your so welcome, I would do it in a heartbeat for you." She said.

"Thank you." I said as we headed toward the computer store.

"As a welcome present Ryane and I decided to buy you a laptop." Heidi said.

"You guys don't have to do that, you are doing enough by letting me live there." I said.

"I am buying it whether you like it or not." She said as we both laughed.

"Why is it always when you decide on something you always get your way?" I asked as she laughed.

"Its the power of persuasion and my charm." She smiling as we laughed more.

We got the laptop and headed out as I checked my phone. I texted Devin as he said he needed to talk to me and he would be over later. I of course nodded. I chose the color teal to represent the sharks, of course I would be rooting for them since my boyfriend and my best friends are with this company. We finished up and headed for the mall as we got some cute clothes. We spent the day shopping , of course stopped for some salads. We headed out of the mall and headed back home to relax for a while. We arrived and grabbed the bags to go inside.

"Hunny your home!" Ryane said as we smiled.

"Hey baby, I missed you." She said.

"I missed you more. I love you." He said.

"Love you too." Heidi said.

I hugged Ryane and thanked him for the laptop for the welcome present as he smiled. I headed upstairs to put everything away as I quickly changed my pants to some sweats as there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." I said starting up my laptop.

"Hey." Devin said as he closed the door.

"Hey Dev, whats going on?" I asked.

"Nothing much." He said sitting on my bed.

"Look I am really sorry for how I acted to you last night, it was such a shock to me that you were here. I really am sorry and I shouldn't have acted like a bitch." I said to him.

"Don't worry, I understand you were seriously upset and I know." He said.

"How would you feel if the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with one day up and moved without a goodbye not or not even a phone call?" I asked him.

"I would feel the same way as you did." He said.

"I am not saying I hate you, that would be the furthest thing. I am saying its hard to forgive you." I said sitting next to him.

"I know it will, its going to take time." He said.

I got up and headed toward the window and stared at the rain falling down. He got up and walked toward me as my tears starting falling.

"Hey, don't cry." He said.

"What, I can't help it." I said as he pulled me into a hug.

"Shhh, please don't cry." He said.

He put his hands on my face to wipe my tears away. He kissed me passionately and for some reason I kissed him back. The feelings were still there and always were there from the beginning of our relationship. I pulled away as I sat down.

"I can't, I have a boyfriend." I said as he nodded.

"Yes I know you do. I am sorry I shouldn't have done that." He said.

"I didn't exactly to tell you to stop." I said.

"True." He said.

I heard a knock at the door as I told Heidi to enter. She came in she looked worried.

"LC I think you need to sit down." She said.

"Ok." I said as she sat next to me.

"Open these. Something you will want to see." She said as I opened the envelope.

My heart stopped for a brief moment and my world seemed to crash down. I looked at the pictures and wished I never seen these, but it was true... What I feared the most......

Chapter 2 // Your A Stranger In My Life

I looked at the mirror at myself and just wondered what in the world was he doing here? I cried for a little bit as Heidi came in.

"LC what is wrong hun?" Heidi asked.

"Its my ex boyfriend." I said.

"Wait is he here?" She asked.

"Its Devin Setoguchi." I said wiping my tears from my eyes.

"You dated Devin?" She said.

"Yeah, he was my high school sweetheart for 4 years in High School,  he thought his career was more important than I was, We had sex before he left and he left the next morning with not even a note to say goodbye." I said.

"He broke your heart. I am so sorry." She said.

"I have to face him some time, at least Logan will be there with me." I said.

"True, I say lets go back out there and face him together." She said.

"Thank you so much Heidi for this, I just needed to tell someone." I said.

"Its no problem. Anytime you need anyone please tell me, I am here for you." She said as I got up and hugged her.

We walked out as Logan waited outside the door for me to come out.

"Baby are you ok?" He asked as he hugged me.

"I am." I said.

"I was so worried about you." He said as he kissed me.

"I am good. Thank you for worrying." I said as we headed back to the table.

Devin stood up and smiled at me. I barely smiled at him as I sat down as Devin sat next to me. I was more than uncomfortable sitting next to him, but I dealt with it.

"LC, its good to see you." He said.

"Yeah, you too." I said to him as I talked to Logan.

"You OK tonight baby?" Logan asked.

"Yeah, I am fine. What are you going to get?" I asked him.

"The Steak with potatoes and a salad." He said.

"I want the same but do you want to split the salad?" I asked.

"Baby, of course." He said as I put my head on his shoulder.

We ordered our food as the waitress came back with the salads. Logan and I split the salad and Devin couldn't stop looking at me. Dinner came around as we ate our food. We finished up as some of us headed back to Ryane's house. We headed back into the car as some of the guys were coming back with us.

"Hey, are you mad at me?" Logan asked.

"No way baby, I could never be mad at you." I said.

"What is up? You were acting strange tonight." He said.

"Well , do you remember I told you about the ex boyfriend who left me laying in a bed who thought his career was more important than me? That I dated for 4 years in High School?" I asked.

"Yeah what about him?" He asked.

"Well that guy I had dated  was Devin." I said.

"Devin Seto?" He asked.

"Yeah, I never thought I would see him again.." I said.

"Wow." He said.

"Please don't be mad , this was a long time ago. I remembered how badly he broke my heart and I was upset at first to see him again, but then I realized I have a great man who is sitting out there waiting for me." I said.

"Baby, Don't worry about it. I am going to support you and still continue to adore you no matter what. My life isn't complete without you in it and I am going to fight for you no matter who is fighting against me. You are so much worth fighting for and I will never ever think that my career is more important than you, both my career and you are my life."

"How in the world did I get blessed with the most understanding and amazing boyfriend in the world?" I asked as Heidi and Ryane laughed.

"We got lucky to have the best men in our life who appreciate us." Heidi said as we laughed.

We got back to the house as I felt better telling Logan about Devin and our past. We walked into the house as I grabbed Logan's arm and pulled him upstairs to have a little one on one time.

"Finally some alone time." He said as he kissed me and kissed me.

"I know, please tell me you are staying tonight with me." I said.

"I live here too." He said as I kissed him.

"Lets get out there to the Jacuzzi and relax, then later we can have some fun." I said as I wrapped my arms around him.

"Ohh baby I missed you so much." He said.

"I missed you too." I said as we both changed quickly into our bathing suits.

My Bathing Suits:


I got ready and made our way down to the jacuzzi area. Devin looked stunned to see my body had filled out from my breasts to my ass with a tiny stomach. He knew he could've had this once, but he chose his career over everything else. Logan and I headed into the Jacuzzi with Ryane and Heidi.

"So LC when did you get that tattoo?" Heidi asked.

"Oh right after High school, I got a two roses on my neck area." I said loudly so Devin can hear us.

"Oh wow, I got mine a few months back." Heidi said.

"Nice. What is it?" I asked.

"I got a shark right on my top shoulder blade." She said showing me.

"Wow, that is amazing work." I said as she smiled.

"Beer?" Devin said interrupting us.

"No thanks." I said still giving him the cold shoulder.

He went to sit back down as I kissed Logan. He kissed me back as I smiled. I got up and out of the pool as I headed to change. Logan wanted to keep swimming. I walked in as Devin followed me inside.

"Can we just talk?" He asked.

"No, you lost that right to talk when you left me that morning in bed without even a note goodbye." I said walking into my room.

"I am sorry, I really wish I could take that back. Every day I think about you and what we had, now you can't even talk to me." He said.

"Nope, I gave you 4 years of my life during High School, you apparently chose your career over me." I said.

"I know, I want to take that back so badly." He said.

"You can't undo what is already been done and I am not going to make that mistake again.." I said.

"Do you love me?" He asked.

"Of course I always will, you were my high school sweetheart, my best friend, but that guy turned ugly when he left. I can't forgive you ever." I said.

"Can you try?" He said looking at me.

"Maybe in the future, but right now I can't even look at you without wanting to cry." I said.

"I am sorry. I really am for everything that I made you feel this way and just remember how much I always will love you and this isn't the end of me trying to get you back with me." He said as he walked out of my room and closed the door.

I changed immediately as I sat down. What was I going to do? My ex won't stop trying to get me back and my current boyfriend Logan who is amazing to me was going to get sent back to AHL... I immediately changed and into my clothes as Logan came up to change as well.

My outfit:

I jumped into bed as Logan did as well.

"I am sorry that I have to go to AHL. I am going to miss you so much. I will call you as soon as I land tomorrow." He said.

"I am going to miss you too." I said as he kissed me.

"Good night baby." He said as he hugged me.

"Good night." I said.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chapter 1 // Labels or Love

I finally landed in San Jose. I grabbed my bags off the conveyor belt as Logan met me here at the airport. I was so excited to start school here and most of all, excited that Logan was getting a shot with the San Jose Sharks. Logan had set up a place for me to live while at school and it was with a teammate of his and his wife. I was excited to be here and near the beach.

"LC!" He said as I smiled.

"Hey baby. I missed you." I said as he kissed me and hugged me.

"Missed you too." He said as he helped me get my bags down.

We headed back to the car as we got in. I put my suitcases in the car as we headed back to where I was staying.

"So where am I staying?" I asked.

"At Ryane Clowe's house." He said.

"Are you sure they are OK with this?" I asked.

"Yeah trust me, they want you to live there." He said as he stopped at a red light.

He kissed me quickly as he grabbed my hand and headed for the Clowe's house. 20 minutes later we finally arrived. I was so excited to be here and to see my boyfriend in the NHL. He pulled in and up as he helped me take out the stuff.

"You must be LC. I am Heidi Clowe." She said as she hugged me.

"Yes I am LC, nice to meet you Heidi." I said to her as she laughed.

"I am Ryane, its so good to meet you finally." The man said.

"Nice to meet you too sir." I said to him as he laughed.

"Please call me Ryane, Everything here is yours. Please make yourself feel comfortable and welcomed." He said as I smiled.

"I really appreciate everything that the both of you are doing for me, for letting me live here." I said as Ryane and Logan took in my bags.

"Its really no problem at all, your Logan's girlfriend and your family to us." She said as she smiled.

"Aww thank you Heidi." I said as she showed me where I was staying.

"There is this good seafood and steak diner place near the beach, do you like any of that?" Ryane asked.

"Yeah I love steak." I said.

"Awesome, we are going to eat there and invite some guys to join us. So if you want to shower and get ready?" Ryane suggested.

"OK I will be down in a bit." I said as I got up and headed for the showers.

I got into the shower as I let the hot water hit my face. I am so lucky to have a loving boyfriend who adores me and lots of friends who let me stay with them although they didn't know me. Heidi and Ryane are the cutest couple ever and so sweet. I finished up and headed out as I blow dried my hair, I was hungry since I haven't eaten anything. I got dressed as I fixed myself up.

My outfit:

I got ready as I stopped at Heidi's bathroom.

"Does this look OK Heidi?" I asked her.

"Of course it does, you look so pretty." She said.

"Thank you, so who all is going to be there?" I asked.

"Few of the teammates." She said.

We headed down to the living room area as I smiled. This was the first time I was going to dinner with the people that let me live with them. I was excited to spend time with them.

"You look beautiful." Logan said as I smiled.

"Thank you hunny, you look gorgeous too." I said.

He grabbed my hand as we headed toward the car.

"So LC, how did you meet Logan?" Ryane asked.

"I met him last month when I was visiting the AHL team." I said.

"Awwe was it love at first sight type?" Heidi asked.

"Well sort of, it was like a friend thing at first then we started dating a week later." I said.

"Aww." Heidi said as I smiled.

"How did you and Ryane meet?" I asked.

"I met him at a grocery store, we accidentally bumped carts then two aisles over i was trying to get something and he helped me." Heidi said.

"Yeah it was love at first sight." Ryane said as I giggled.

"Why are you giggling?" Logan asked.

"Because it was cute story, Heidi and Ryane are so cute together and gives me hope." I said as we made it to the restaurant.

He parked the car as we got out and made our way inside. The boys were having fun inside as we walked in.

"Logan!!" The guy said as hugged him.

"Hey whats up man, this is my lovely girlfriend LC, this is Jason Demers, Patty Marleau, Marc Vlasic, Dan Boyle, and Joe Thornton, everyone this is my girlfriend LC." Logan said as I shook their hands.

"Nice to meet you guys." I said as they shook my hand.

The waitress had seated us outside as we all smiled. Of course there were two people that were late so we ordered drinks and of course we hung out for a while.

"Ok So I want to officially welcome LC to the Sharks family, anytime you need anything don't hesitate to ask any of us." Joe said as I smiled.

"Thank you Joe." I said as I got up and hugged him.

"Your welcome." He said as I smiled.

I walked back to my seat as I sat down. I sat next to Logan leaving the two seats next to me open. Most of the guys were coming back to the house after so we can hang out. I looked down and back at Logan as he kissed me. We drank and drank as the two remaining people finally showed up, but one unexpected person out of the two. It was someone I have known through high school as well as dated him for 4 years through out it. I looked at him as I got up immediately and headed for the bathroom as he saw me pass by him....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Intro // Cast

My name is Lauren Caydee Benson, I am also known as LC. I am 22 years old and originally from Taber, Alberta, Canada. I had recently got accepted to Brooks College, a fashion school in the San Jose Bay area in California. I had recently gotten into a relationship with fellow hockey player for the San Jose Sharks, but what happens when an old flame comes back into my life and I realized he was friends with my current boyfriend? Do things happen that I never knew existed??


Name: Lauren Caydee Benson
Nickname: LC
Age: 22
Status: Dating Logan Couture for 1 month

Looks like:

Name: Heidi  Marie Clowe
Age: 25
Status: Married to Ryane Clowe

Looks like: