Monday, August 9, 2010

Chaper 6 // You shoulda never lied, shouldn't have kept that trick on the side

I opened up the door to find Logan, the one man I never wanted to see. I looked at him as Ryane and Devin immediately got behind me as well as Heidi.

"What do you want, you have some balls showing up here after yesterday." I said.

"Man if you don't get out of here, I will make sure you don't play hockey ever again." Devin said.

"I came here to get you back LC, I am sorry I cheated on you. I never realized I had a good thing until it was gone." Logan said.

"I am sorry, but that is a load of bullshit lies." I said.

"Please I am sorry, I have been traded and I miss you. " He said as I laughed at him.

"Yeah right, after yesterday you really think I would even take you back and because you think I feel sorry for you since you have been traded to another team?" I asked

"No I know you won't and there is no way I expect you too." He said.

I grabbed Devin and I kissed him passionately in front of Logan. I turned around and kicked Logan in the nuts, then punched him.

"I never want to see your stupid ass ever again, next time I hope you get so hard that you can't get up." I said as I walked in and shut the door.

I locked the door as I hugged Devin.

"That was awesome LC!" Ryane and Heidi said.

"Thanks, it helps that I took up kick boxing and ask Devin, no one fucked with me in High School." I said.

"She is not kidding. No one messed with her in High School and especially no one messed with me because she will kick a guys ass if she has to." Devin said as he kissed me.

"Love you too baby." I said.

"That is good, now we won't have to worry about her now." Ryane said as we laughed.

We smiled as we headed toward the kitchen. We finished eating our soup since we so kindly got interrupted by Logan. He had some nerve showing up. We headed upstairs for pregame nap as Heidi and Ryane shut the door to their bedroom, but I wasn't ready to sleep and neither was Devin.

"I love you so much. I am so glad you gave me another chance and this time I am not letting go." He said as he kissed every inch of my body.

"I love you Devin. If you win tonight you will get the special surprise." I said winking at him.

"Oh really? Is it only if we win?" He said.

"Well, if you win its a bonus, if you lose you get it anyways." I said laughing.

"You are so funny." He said as I smiled.

"We need to get you some sleep so you won't be tired for your game." I said as he smiled.

We relaxed as the rain continued. It was relaxing and definitely one of the most romantic days ever. We fell asleep for a good few hours. A while later it was time to get up and get ready. It was comforting having Devin here with me full time. We got up as Heidi and Ryane woke up too. Devin and I headed into the shower to save water while Ryane and Heidi went into theirs. We got undressed and headed into the shower. I turned Devin around and kissed him as the hot water beat on us. He lifted me up as my back was against the wall and it felt so good. With my legs wrapped around Devin, he just made me feel so good as he grind into me. I definitely wanted to scream, but I tried not to. We finished having some passionate sex, as we showered. We got out as I felt so happy.

"Your so beautiful." He said as he kissed me.

"You are so amazing. Just like I always knew." I said as we smiled.

"Your glowing." He said.

"So are you." I said as we both got dressed.

My outfit:

I blow dried my hair as he fixed his up. We got dressed as I got my makeup on as there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." I said

"Are you guys ready to go?" Ryane said.

"Yes we are." Devin said as we smiled.

We cleaned up and headed downstairs while Heidi got the lights on and everything.

Heidi 's outfit:

We hurried up and headed out as we got into the car. Ryane started it up as we headed toward the arena. 20 minutes later we pulled into the arena parking lot for the players. Fans stood outside waiting as he parked the car. We got out and headed for the inside.

"Good evening Ryane, Heidi and Devin." He said.

"Hey Jake, this is LC, she is Devin's girlfriend." Ryane said.

"Hey LC, nice to meet you." Jake said.

"Nice to meet you too."

"She gets full rights, no matter what here." Devin said.

"Yes sir, she is on the VIP list now." Jake said.

"Thank you." Ryane said.

"Have a good game guys and welcome to the Sharks family." Jake said.

"Thank you." We said as we entered.

"Here are your tickets my girls." Ryane said.

"Thank you Ryane." We said.

"This is your first Sharks game huh?" Heidi asked me as I nodded.

"Yep." I said.

"Well lets head to the store while the boys get dressed and ready." She said as I smiled.

"Lets go." I said as we headed to the team store.

We looked around in the store as we both smiled. I grabbed some sweats and some other items as we hung out for a while. It was my first time here at a Sharks arena as we paid for them. We made our way toward the food session stand as we got a few sodas and something quick to eat.

"These Nachos are very good." I said to her.

"I know I love them." She said as we snacked.

We made our way toward the seats as we sat down. It was awesome because it was where the wives and girlfriends sit to watch the game.

"Hey Nicole." Heidi said.

"Hey Heidi, how are you?" She said.

"Good thanks, this is LC, she is Devin's girlfriend and she lives with us. This is Nicole, Marc's girlfriend." Heidi said as I smiled.

"Its so nice to meet you finally." She said hugging me.

"Its so nice to meet you too." I said.

"Welcome to the sharks family. Its amazing, this team really is your family." She said as I smiled.

"I know, I felt that this afternoon." I said.

"She knows about Logan." Heidi said.

"I am so sorry for what Logan did." Nicole said.

"Thank you, unfortunately he showed up at the door this afternoon." I said.

"Are you serious? He has some nerve coming there." Nicole said.

"Yeah but LC kicked his butt, she punched him and kneed him in the safety deposit box." Heidi said as we laughed.

"Way to go LC!" She said as we laughed.

"We should have a girls day the three of us when the boys have to go on the road." Heidi said.

"Thats a good idea, I agree shopping is the best thing in the world." I said.

"Oh yeah, we can watch the game at my house or yours Heidi." Nicole said.

"That is an awesome idea." She said as we smiled.

The boys finally came out for warm ups. I was excited to get this game underway. They were playing the Chicago Blackhawks. Some Blackhawks fans made the trip, as the boys got warmed up. We sat there as the team announced the lineup for tonight. We hung out as the game finally started. A few hours later it was 5-0 Sharks, Hat Trick for Ryane , a goal by Devin and one by Dan Boyle. We had fun as it was coming to an end, I loved hanging out with my family and my new friend Nicole. We got up and headed out as we waited for the boys to come out from their post game interviews. I looked at the time as Marc came out first.

"Bye girls." Nicole said.

"Bye Nicole." We said.

"I am so glad your a part of this family, your awesome." Nicole said hugging me.

"Thank you for being so nice." I said as I smiled.

"Your welcome girl, see you soon." Nicole said as she smiled and waved.

She was so cute with Marc. She was gorgeous and Marc seemed to love her more than anything. I waited as Ryane and Devin came out. Devin lifted me and hugged me as I smiled so widely.

"Good game guys." I said as they smiled.,

"Thank you." They both said as we headed out.

"Ready to go home?" Ryane asked Heidi.

"Yes please, I am exhausted." She said.

"I met Nicole, Marc's girlfriend. She is so nice." I said as Devin grabbed my hand.

"Awww, I am glad you have a new friend. She loves Marc so much and he loves her so much." Ryane said as we smiled.

We got into the car as we stopped off for some pizza. I was tired and I wanted to give Devin some good time tonight. We headed to this little pizza place as we took it to go. We got a large pie with some mozzarella sticks. We headed home as we made it finally. We headed in and made our way to the kitchen. We sat down and ate as it was amazing.

"How is it?" Heidi asked.

"Amazing. I love this pizza." I said eating it.

We ate as the rain continued. I was tired of the rain already, but I know they only have practice tomorrow morning so we can hang out for the rest of the day together.

"So girls, would you like to come to practice in the morning?" Devin asked.

"Really?" Heidi asked.

"Yep." Ryane said as we nodded.

"Of course we would LOVE to go." I said to Devin as we smiled.

We finished up pizza and it was already 10:30 pm, I wanted to get to bed and relax with my man as well as Heidi and Ryane wanted to spend some time alone. I headed into the bedroom as we both got ready for bed. I changed my outfit into a cute t-shirt that I got from the Sharks from the sharks store. I looked at Devin as he stared at me and smiled.

"So handsome, come around here often?" I asked as he laughed.

"Maybe." He said as he kissed every inch of my body.

He lifted up my shirt and took it off as I jumped onto him. He put me down gently on the bed as I got his clothes off. We both started making passionate love as it felt so good for him touch me. He got on his back as I then sat on him as he put both arms around me. It was the first time I felt loved like this in a long time since the last time him and I made passionate sex. A few hours later we finished up.

"I love you good night baby." He said.

"I love you hunny. Good night." I said as he kissed me again.

What will the future hold in the next few months? We will find out soon enough.....


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    but 5-0??? :O
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