Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chapter 3 // Watch You Go

I got up with Logan as he kissed me good morning. I looked at him and hoped he didn't have to leave, but I know he did. He got up and headed for the shower as I turned over in bed. I got up as I grabbed my robe and my slippers as he finished up and got ready to head out.

"I have to go baby, I will call you tonight." He said as he kissed me.

"Ok baby, bye hunny." I said hugging him.

I walked down with him toward the front of the house as he kissed me again. I said goodbye as he got in the taxi cab and headed off. I walked back in the house as I walked into the kitchen with some coffee. I decided to make breakfast for Heidi and Ryane as they walked down.

"Morning guys." I said as they smiled.

"Morning LC, how did you sleep?"

"Very well thank you, I am making you guys some breakfast, what would you like?" I asked.

"Two eggs and Bacon please." She said.

"How would you like your eggs?" I asked.

"Scrambled, both of us." Ryane said as I laughed.

"Afraid I am going to burn down your kitchen?" I asked.

"Yeah sorta." Ryane said as we burst out laughing.

"I can cook thank you very much." I said to him as he laughed.

I cooked their breakfast as I made myself some. Ryane had morning practice this morning while Heidi was going to take me out getting my school stuff and some new clothes.

"This was excellent, perfect for my morning breakfast. Thank you LC." Ryane said.

"Yes thank you so much for cooking this morning LC, I loved the eggs, they were perfect." Heidi said.

"Your welcome, its the least I can do for everything you are doing for me." I said as I cleaned up.

"I will see you later guys, I need to get to practice. I love you Heidi, will check in with you later afterwards and have fun LC." He said.

"Bye hunny love you.." She said.

"Bye Ryane, have fun at practice this morning." I said as he laughed.

I headed for the showers as we both got ready. It was a rather cool and rainy day. I finished up and headed into the shower. I let the hot water beat down on me as I got out. I finished up and blow dried my hair as I thought about Devin. I don't know why I did that, but maybe I should talk to him after how we ended things last night. I finished up and headed out of the bathroom...

My outfit:

I walked down and found Heidi waiting as I finished up.

Heidi's outfit:

"Ready to go and get clothes and school shopping?" Heidi asked.

"Yeah lets go." I said.

We headed out and into her car as we had to stop at the school first to get some things signed first. We had a list of books I had to get and list of items I needed for the classes. We got there as we got out and headed for the administration offices, we got in and signed the necessary paperwork as we headed for the  bookstore as I paid for everything and headed for the computer store.

"Thank you for taking me everywhere today Heidi." I said.

"Your so welcome, I would do it in a heartbeat for you." She said.

"Thank you." I said as we headed toward the computer store.

"As a welcome present Ryane and I decided to buy you a laptop." Heidi said.

"You guys don't have to do that, you are doing enough by letting me live there." I said.

"I am buying it whether you like it or not." She said as we both laughed.

"Why is it always when you decide on something you always get your way?" I asked as she laughed.

"Its the power of persuasion and my charm." She smiling as we laughed more.

We got the laptop and headed out as I checked my phone. I texted Devin as he said he needed to talk to me and he would be over later. I of course nodded. I chose the color teal to represent the sharks, of course I would be rooting for them since my boyfriend and my best friends are with this company. We finished up and headed for the mall as we got some cute clothes. We spent the day shopping , of course stopped for some salads. We headed out of the mall and headed back home to relax for a while. We arrived and grabbed the bags to go inside.

"Hunny your home!" Ryane said as we smiled.

"Hey baby, I missed you." She said.

"I missed you more. I love you." He said.

"Love you too." Heidi said.

I hugged Ryane and thanked him for the laptop for the welcome present as he smiled. I headed upstairs to put everything away as I quickly changed my pants to some sweats as there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." I said starting up my laptop.

"Hey." Devin said as he closed the door.

"Hey Dev, whats going on?" I asked.

"Nothing much." He said sitting on my bed.

"Look I am really sorry for how I acted to you last night, it was such a shock to me that you were here. I really am sorry and I shouldn't have acted like a bitch." I said to him.

"Don't worry, I understand you were seriously upset and I know." He said.

"How would you feel if the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with one day up and moved without a goodbye not or not even a phone call?" I asked him.

"I would feel the same way as you did." He said.

"I am not saying I hate you, that would be the furthest thing. I am saying its hard to forgive you." I said sitting next to him.

"I know it will, its going to take time." He said.

I got up and headed toward the window and stared at the rain falling down. He got up and walked toward me as my tears starting falling.

"Hey, don't cry." He said.

"What, I can't help it." I said as he pulled me into a hug.

"Shhh, please don't cry." He said.

He put his hands on my face to wipe my tears away. He kissed me passionately and for some reason I kissed him back. The feelings were still there and always were there from the beginning of our relationship. I pulled away as I sat down.

"I can't, I have a boyfriend." I said as he nodded.

"Yes I know you do. I am sorry I shouldn't have done that." He said.

"I didn't exactly to tell you to stop." I said.

"True." He said.

I heard a knock at the door as I told Heidi to enter. She came in she looked worried.

"LC I think you need to sit down." She said.

"Ok." I said as she sat next to me.

"Open these. Something you will want to see." She said as I opened the envelope.

My heart stopped for a brief moment and my world seemed to crash down. I looked at the pictures and wished I never seen these, but it was true... What I feared the most......


  1. oh hell. something tells me logan did something he shouldnt have! great updated :)

  2. Great update, Logan you are in trouble, well I think so anyway. I can't wait for more.

  3. Sounds like an amazing day with heidi! so nice of them to get you a laptop :) And I reallllllly want to know what happened sissy!!!! I love it!!! <3

  4. 0_0 Devin putting on the moves. At least he's understanding that what he did was wrong. Excited for more!

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    Something tells me shes going to be mad at Logan.. hmm..
    Can't wait to find out! Great job pal :D